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A little while back, I was born a U.S. Army brat overseas, in France. We moved quite a bit and that nomadic life continued when I became an adult. My proudest achievements, without a doubt, are my two wonderful sons.

It’s taken me a while to figure out what I wanted to be “when I grow up,” but I finally found my niche in the writing world. Since writing came to me later in life, I like to think I’m living proof that it’s never too late to reach for a dream or to achieve it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams come with an expiration date. Dreams aren’t just for the young.

Please feel free to sign up for my blog, The Road to a Dream. I would love to share with you this journey of self-discovery I have embarked upon. Sometimes the road is bumpy, sometimes it’s winding, but no matter what, it is fascinating and one heck of a learning experience.


This debut novel by Ava Louise is a combination adventure, science fiction and romance story with well developed characters you’re sure to love. I couldn’t put it down! I hope to see more from this author soon. — from S. Schneidereit, Amazon customer, “Maggie’s Story”

I like this genre of books. I have read all of Angela Castle’ s books as well as S.E. Smith’s books. I was looking for something similar. I thought this might be silly and too . Short on character development. Instead the plot was solid and the character’s really got know each other before jumping in the sack. — from J. Smith-Steward, Amazon customer, “Maggie’s Story”

I really liked this book. Nice story and characterization. I liked it because I didn’t have to fast forward past twenty pages of erotic sex every other chapter. It still has some love making, but the story was the foundation. — from R. Sherman, Amazon customer, “Maggie’s Story”

Just as good as the first one. Probably better since the earlier characters were sharing the story, too. I really liked the whole idea of the story. Just a sweet, funny, out of this world book. Now I am looking forward to the next one! — from Purplebug, Amazon customer, “Shirley’s Story”

I absolutely loved this book. I am so glad to have found this series from the beginning. I will anxiously await your next installment. I especially like the premise of humans and alien being more alike than different. — from Peedy W., Amazon customer, “Shirley’s Story”

Just got done reading the second book in this series front to back. I love how I can get totally engrossed in these books and forgt about everything else around me! Thank you again for a wonderful read! — from Michelle, Amazon customer, “Shirley’s Story”

This story is even better than the first two because we get two romances instead of one. We get to see our Matchmaker Claire get her happy ever after. I really liked this one the best. –Chris S Weill, “Penny’s Story”

After reading all 3 of these books, one right after the other, I can say I am impressed with the author. The growth in writing and storytelling is great to watch… — Amazon Customer, “Penny’s Story”

Whoooo Hoooo!. I couldn’t wait for the new story to come out. This one was a bit more complex than the others have been. I was happy to see more couples in this one. They are so sweet and loving. Can’t get enough! WTG Mrs. Louise — Ericka A, “Penny’s Story”