Blog: The Road to a Dream

Since writing came to me later in life, I like to think I’m living proof that it’s never too late to reach for a dream or to achieve it. With the encouragement of friends and family, I am finally pursuing my dreams. I would love to share with you this journey of self-discovery that I have embarked upon. Sometimes “The Road” is bumpy, sometimes it’s winding, but no matter what, it is fascinating and one heck of a learning experience.

Never let anyone tell you your dreams come with an expiration date!

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Posted by Ava Louise on August 31, 2016

Hello Readers!

I want to talk about embracing our uniqueness. When we aren’t being bombarded with messages to be “normal,” to fit in, conform, and compromise, we are being told to accept everyone around us for their uniqueness. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t accept the uniqueness in others…I’m saying we are forgetting to accept our own uniqueness.

It is my belief that we can only best embrace the uniqueness of others once we have done so for ourselves.

Why should we limit our acceptance to others? Why is it the right thing to accept that our friend is an introvert, but we feel guilty, or anti-social, when applying that same acceptance to ourselves?

Embracing our uniqueness does not mean that we are automatically standing on the outside looking in and feeling out of place. It means standing among the masses and not cataloguing our own differences and labeling them “faults.” It’s the reverse of Do-Unto-Others. A way of saying “This is who I am…I accept it…because I accept you as you are, too.”

The problem with conforming is trying to fit who we are into pre-shaped forms, leaving no room for individuality. It’s the analogy of trying to put a square peg into a round hole. There’s nothing wrong with developing the shape of our lives as we live it.

As for my own uniqueness…I accept that I am a Work in Progress. I am traveling that gray area between “Who I Was” and “Who I Will Be.” I’m not quite where I want to be on the spectrum, and that is OK. It will take time, contemplation, lessons, and adjustments…but I will get there.

There is no Finish Line looming ahead of me. I am evolving and growing. This Road I am on is ever-changing, and that is OK, too. I am doing this my way and at my pace.

I challenge each of you to examine yourself and find that which makes you unique. Once you’ve done so, embrace and own it. Shine the light on it and nurture it. Go forth knowing that everyone around you will be happy to accept that which makes you unique…because YOU accept it. And they’ll be happy to share their own uniqueness with you in return.


Until next we meet on this Road to a Dream…be kind to each other…and to yourself!