Hello Readers,

Welcome October! I must admit I like October, probably because it’s the countdown to Halloween. I enjoy pretty much anything Halloween related, though I sometimes pass on the gory parts of the celebrations.

Last night, Favorite Youngest Son and his wife, Favorite Short Daughter-in-law, decided we should go to Old Tucson. Direct from O.T.’s website…

“Step back in time in the old west town made famous as the location for more than 300 movies and TV shows! Going beyond its rich film history, Old Tucson is Southern Arizona’s premiere location for Wester experience—from Living History Presentations to Historic Tours to Shows and Special Events!”

One of the special events happens to be something called Nightfall at Old Tucson. They turn the entire town into a haunted village! This year is their 25th Anniversary of this event. Almost every building has something to explore. From the guys coming at you with chainsaws revving, to the hideous creatures chasing after you, you’re bound to find something cringe-worthy, creepy, or comical.

The two gargoyles, Vinnie and Guido, address the masses from atop the Town Hall, with plenty of innuendoes.

We ended the evening watching The Nightfall All-Star Comedy Showdown. If you enjoy slapstick humor, cheesy acting, and dancing, this show will appeal to you.

A few pictures from the evening…

…Favorite Youngest Son with a demented rabbit…

Rabbit & Paul 10022015

…Favorite Short Daughter-in-law…

Rabbit & Annie 10022015

…and two haunted theme buildings…

Psychomania 10022015

The Bunker 10022015

Keeping it short this week.

Until next we meet on this Road to a Dream…be kind to each other…and to yourself!



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